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June 6


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Contest ends in 17 days.

Gageostiel Contest with up to OVER 3000 Points in prizes!!
Contest ends August 31st 2014!
EDIT 6/13/14: More art prizes added
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Summary:About the Contest:I'm not exactly the most popular person on deviantART, that being said I don't get much art. With my family situation, I don't have money for commissioning people, and THAT being said I don't get any art drawn for me ever, so I think it's high time for a good contest, because my ship really needs more artwork!
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..:: Gageostiel ::..
Néostiel [nay-oh-stee-ehl] x Gage/Gageostiel 

Home Is With You by SharkBox
Sketch gifty thing by SharkBox


..:: Néostiel [Néo] ::..
Important info: Néostiel is not human, he's an alien of a practically extinct species. Keep in mind we have a phrase for him -- "He may be a 'man', but he is more beast than man." He often acts very strange and feral, though I wouldn't  say in a puppy type way. He doesn't go around licking peoples cheeks or anything. As a matter of fact, he hates being touched usually, at least by strangers or people he doesn't like, and he often acts rude and aggressive or even passive-aggressive toward everyone. He's very confused, and does not know as much English as people think he does, nor does he know about many life functions specific to earth beings. He doesn't know what a boyfriend is, for instance, because on his planet there is no such thing as dating or boyfriends, and no such thing as those words, thus there is no translation from english to his language, and the concept of such a thing is hard for him to grasp. That is why I say he is rather feral, and genuinely is an animal. He's an animal and mostly exists off of instinct, but of course is sentient and capabilities for understanding. He's dumb as heck (Not really, he's actually a genius, though an idiot). He has adapted to faking normalcy, and is really very vintage/hipster in the way he dresses [except for work lol.] He works as a homicide detective. His passion is music. If he understood fame or knew what it was, he'd probably strive for it through music, but instead he's used to shelling himself alone. He can seem cold and like an asshole, but when it comes to Gage he melts and becomes the sappiest motherfricker to ever exist ever, and he'd never ever do anything to wrong her; she means everything to him, absolutely everything. I don't have many photo references, but I have some: 

This is my best one but PLEASE NOTE: The font of the text on his tattoo "Saint" is WRONG in this image EXCEPT for the "T" and the "A". I plan to update it.
Gospel by SharkBox
However I fixed the font in this image: Sketch gifty thing by SharkBox I say this because at leastThe "Saint", "Blithe", and rose part of his tattoo are required for this contest. (Unless of course you cannot see his right hand in the image you produce, or they are not drawn as human etc**)
..::Foreign Boyfriend::.. by SharkBox
As said before, he is an alien. His entire alien reference is here: Original Species: Aquarius/Neostiel Ref by SharkBox We could call this his "true" form.
More random references:

Actor: Ricardo Dal Moro (Aesthetics) If he were a real person, this is what He'd look like more or less. 
Talking voice: Richard Madden (scottish accent)  
Singing voice: Scott Hoying (soul/R&B) 
Important details: 
- His tail is required, he cannot hide it or not have it for any reason. (Please note, the flagelli on his tail a re VERY thin, and slightly curly at the end with a marble-like sphere attached, which is why I usually draw them as a single line with a ball at the end. In his species, these were made to attract mates or show aggression by shaking their tails, making the "marbles" clack against one another. Random fact of the day.)
- septum piercing
- 2 brow piercings (his left brow)
- freckles 
- Facial hair: Goatee, (Optional) stubble
- Tunnel piercings (in ears)
- dimple piercings
- scar near left corner of lip
- left arm ALWAYS bandaged completely
- must have at least the "Saint", "Blithe", and Rose tattoos as well as the neck tattoos, right side is triangular the left side is script reading "Never Give Up"

**see official rules for details

..:: Gage (Real name Galeiti) ::..
Gage is a mechanic. She is also an alien, though of a completely different species from a completely different planet, sent to earth to analyze the ways of human mechanics. 19 years old, she perpetually attends university, taking mechanics classes which she breezes through. Gage was most likely and asexual creature before Néo, whom she is now completely infatuated with. Gage left her home planet behind, and with it, her friends. She spent most of her time alone just studying, though occasionally dealing with interested men in an awkward, avoid avoid avoid manner. Gage tends to like being away from people, and is easily irritated by stupid people constantly hounding her for her time, however around Néostiel is very shy, despite both of them already being romantically inclined. They're both complete dorks for each other. Gage is highly intelligent, and very on par with modern earth trends etc. She finds herself serving a lot of time inadvertently teaching Néo bit by bit. Gage is pregnant, and a slightly reluctant mother, as she has obviously never been a parent before. However, for the most part, she doesn't mind it, is proud even. However, this limits her from crazy activities. 

There's even less photo references of Gage, but there are some: 
Gage by SharkBox


Actor: N/A, but if she were a real person, she'd look something like this
Voice: Heather Hibbard 
Important details:
- Pixie cut
- Feather earings
- makeup is not necessary, as Gage doesn't often wear heavy makeup if any at all, and when she does wear makeup, it's only eyeliner. (Winged or thin)
- Gage has a very exaggerated feminine figure, and thus, very wide hips, and a slight thigh gap despite thick thighs. According to TicklesPickles a nice butt is required (should her butt be seen anyway topkek)
- Septum (is optional)
- Both Gage and Néo have pointed ears, but Gage's are longer.
- Gage's breast size is B, so nothing super ginormo circus big.


FIRST PLACE: 1500:points:
Sketch by me (Example: Am I Kawaii Desu Yet? by SharkBox)

Negative by me (Example: Red Princess by SharkBox)

Stylized piece by me (Example: Anti-inquisition by SharkBox)
Painted portrait by me (Example:
..::Foreign Boyfriend::.. by SharkBox
Llama Badge
(More prizes coming soon!)

SECOND PLACE: 1000:points:
Negative by me
Stylized piece by me
Llama Badge
(More prizes coming soon!)

THIRD PLACE: 500:points:
Stylized piece by me
Llama Badge
(more prizes coming soon!)

I've only ever hosted one contest before many years ago, and as I did with that contest, tradition will hold that every participant (assuming there aren't many) will recieve a small gift as thank you for participating, as well as runner ups and honorable mentions. This year's thank you gift will not be like my last contest, I am still deciding what it will be but I promise it.


Tips and Official Rules:

- You can place more than once.

- If there are less than 15 entries when the deadline comes around, I will extend the deadline.

- You may enter unlimited times/ more than once.

- Comment on this journal letting me know if you plan to enter.

- must be colored, however SHADING is NOT required.

- Every medium of art is accepted, except literature (sorry!). But keep in mind, if you are a winner with a traditional piece, I will want it mailed to me!

- I will accept chibi's, caricatures, normal form, alien form (Néo), MLP versions, dragons, anthros (within reasonable interpretation) as well as other animal versions of them (As long as you're serious) however "normal form" (As seen in most all images in this journal) is preferred/ is the theme

- These two are very sensual and romantic, though they do joke and get playful and cuddly at times, they are often very suggestive, fiery, and passionate. You must draw them in some kind of romantic way, whether it's cuddles, holding hands on a walk through the park, making snow angels, kissing, or even beneath the covers of their bed. Keep in mind they are very in love. Also, Gage is pregnant. It is not necessary to draw her with a distended stomach, but if you want to that's completely fine as long as you keep it un-creepy.

- No fetish art, suggestive is fine, make sure to label your work appropriately.

- Try to keep your piece as canon as  possible with the information given.

Heart - Free 

Winners will be judged on:

- Effort in the drawing.

- Visual impact.

- Success in executing the characters.

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Contest ends August 31st 2014!
If you are interested in offering prizes, please comment or note me!
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LoviAdopts Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I don't mean to be annoying or anything, but I was just wondering when you'll be announcing the winners? :)
SharkBox Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're not being annoying at all -- I've been extremely busy lately and having technical difficulties so I haven't been on in over a month. But I'm probably going to extend the contest deadline actually. I'll get to updating those details Thursday.
LoviAdopts Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Hi! do you think i can enter?Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] 
SharkBox Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course you can!
ferriore Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Gawddammit noo!! Should've see this much earlier!! QAQ *gross sobbing* I don't think I can make it on time, but I'd like to give some love with your ship nonetheless ;v;/

SharkBox Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm probably going to extend the deadline, so it would be awesome if you could. Thanks for the wuvwuv Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
LoviAdopts Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SharkBox Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Weeee it's super cute, I like the filtered lighting, even if that wasn't intentional, it's very cute, love it, almost like their skin is glowing, I especially love how you did Gage. Thank you so much for entering. :heart:Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
LoviAdopts Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :D I'm so glad you like it cx <3
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